What to expect in your Rolfing session

How to prepare and what to expect from Rolfing

Rolfing is traditionally done in a series to address fascial planes in a specific recipe in order to organize the structure as a whole. However, Rolfing can also be done in single sessions, targeting your specific areas of concern and still be very effective.

Rolfing is deep yet, gentle and slow. It is only as deep as the client is able to breathe, relax and embody the work.

A feeling of soreness, like after a good workout, may be felt for a day or two after treatment. Occasionally a client may see light bruising after a session dependent on the condition of their skin and fascia at the time of the session.

How to prepare for your session

Please be well hydrated prior to sessions and do not use lotions or oils prior. Consuming protein after Rolfing is advisable to aid in the repair of the realigned tissues.

Traditional draping is not employed and the client will be asked to stand in their undergarments so that the Rolfer can see distortions in the tissues and observe gait and movement.

It is recommended that men wear boxer briefs. Please no boxer shorts.

For women it is recommended to wear a bra and underwear. The bra should have sparse fabric on the back for better access and boyshort panties are preferred.

Please be in a relaxed and open state of mind. Rolfing can be intense yet, pleasurable if one can allow themselves to let go, feel and be in the process of unwinding and reeducating the patterns of trauma and stress life can imbue in us.