The Rolfing Ten Series is the system which transforms your body

The thoroughness of the Rolfing ten series includes all body parts.

The Rolfing ten seriesFirst, sign up for the "First Hour", the introduction to what the experience of this technique is, as well as a taste of how it benefits your state of being. The 1st hour begins on the outermost layer of your body, engaging your muscles to stretch and lengthen beyond where you have had the freedom to move them in your past. The next sessions continues to unwind you, going deeper and deeper each hour.

Choosing to experience sessions 1 thru 3

Upon reaching the third hour, you will have a deeper sense of what is being offered to your body"s brain, and this is a safe stopping point. Supposing you were learning to walk, the first three hours teach you how to stand and breath with trust. Stopping after 3 is a balanced stopping point, whereas ideally you will go through all 10 sessions to learn to walk anew.

Choosing the full Rolfing Ten Series

Experiencing all 10 sessions, the first through tenth hour is a complete recipe and each hour builds on the one before to gain from the full product being offered. You are on a journey to unwinding the system your life experiences have patterned in your body. We practitioners advise you to experience the full Rolfing ten series, to walk fresh into your life, with a newly freed pelvis and newly elongated muscles vibrating throughout the matrix of your being.
Tune-up sessions

Upon completion of the ten series, allow some months to pass, integrating this new information. When your body asks, come back for a tune-up session, or a series of 3 sessions. Now that your body is organized in a new manner of hearing and communicating, these tune-up sessions have a deep impact in further unwinding and freeing your existence.

You are fragile with your new perspective, upon competing the Rolf Method initial ten series. You are aware in a new way, and molding yourself by listening to your flexibility; Allow your body to be connected through your middle, the above as to the below, and the inner to the center of our earth. Willingly pour your energy into the heart of our world, and trust that you are being nurtured by this work. This is the trick to truly taking on this education, and integrating your life choice to access and claim your truth. The walls you have become familiar with are gone now and you can call them back, or you can choose to live your dream manifest. Be gentle with yourself.

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